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Collection of independently owned luxury boutique hotels in India

Anti Chain Anti Same

The purpose of BLH is to connect independent hotels with independent minded travelers. We provide a platform for astonishing undiscovered hotels which are owned and run by passionate hoteliers in India. Our aim is to promote these handpicked one-of-a-kind hotels which are anti chain and curate travel experiences for our guests that are anti same. Our website sells and promotes on independent boutique hotels in India. 

Purpose - Connecting the independent minded

Aim - Anti Chain Anti Same

Moto – Atmanirbhar Hotels

Boutique Hotels The origin of this phrase can be traced back to 1984, when the owner of the legendary nightclub Studio 54 in New York City formulated the expression 'Boutique Hotel' and soon boutique hotels became a global phenomenon. Boutique hotels are usually small unique hotels with no more than 100 rooms with a very unique selling point. Individuality, design and character with a touch of culture are the most common characteristics of these hotels. Along with picturesque interiors, BLH hotels are famous for impeccable standards of services.



Covid Safety

We make sure that all BLH hotels comply with the government guidelines. BLH Experiences believes in providing vacation inside your hotel to minimize your exposure while no compromise is made to your leisure.

Our Believe is Independence

We promote hotels owned by passionate independent minded hoteliers who wish to curate personalized experiences for their guest which are unlikely in chain hotels. BLH does not own any hotels on the website.

Handpicked Magnificence

Hotels cannot buy their way in our collection. All BLH hotels are handpicked keeping in mind our service standards. The hotels that we work with are truly inspired with magnificent and unique designs, are an epitome of luxury.

Atmanirbhar Hotels

BLH is the only travel company that works exclusively with 'Indian Made’ hotels. The hoteliers we work with are adamant on keeping their independence in-spite of the current financial climate and our aim is to brace their individuality.

Lowest Rates Guaranteed

BLH believes in affordable luxury. We do not think that you need to pay more in order to experience luxury. We guarantee that the prices we offer are the lowest you will find with any online travel agency.

Anonymously Reviewed

We have personally visited and vetted hotels every single one of the BLH hotels in order to make sure they adhere to the BLH standards of customer service and hygiene